About Pelisa

Vintage is the preservation of the art of heritage and belonging. In a platform for sharing our humanness and traditions such as this, I lay bare my roots in direction. My narrative started with my modest upbringing enriched with culture where authentic African furniture, ornaments, clothing and jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. My love for items from previous eras is aligned to my respect for history. Each item has a story behind it, and I look forward to being the story teller.

Vintage Is Life

Limited Edition

Not everyone has the opportunity to own one of LISAS BOX products, they are truly authentic and strictly no imitations are sold.

Lifetime Investment

Antiques are highly sought after, and increase in value yearly, so investing in our unique products is an investment.

Customer Service

Customer Service is a priority for LISAS BOX, we want your online experience to be as full of personality as our products.

Vintage Storytelling

Vintage has stood the test of time and always been a trend, still living and vibrant today. The vintage lifestyle is rich with stories which teach many life lessons. I am committed to educating through my story telling.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela